Being frugal – Saving Money on larger purchases

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Don’t you hate it when something like your vaccuum cleaner or washing machine takes a crap? Being the frugal person that I am, I always search out the best deal I can find and never just run out and purchase whatever is broken and needs to be replaced.
I am a big fan of buying refurbished items and I always check out customer reviews before I purchase something. Refurbished items are always a fraction of the cost and most come with the same warranty as a non-refurbished item. When it somes to appliances I look for scratch and dent or floor models. I got my frontload washing machine for $200 cheaper just because it had a small scratch on the side of it. I can’t even see the scratch because it is on the side that is against my dryer.

Here is a perfect example of a great refurbished deal at Besy Buy right now:
Best Buy Outlet: Dyson Factory Refurbished DC14 All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum $239.99
compared to Walmarts price of $399.99. That is a $160 savings!!!

So next time something breaks do your research, shop around and maybe consider a refurbished item for some fantastic savings.

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