Being Realistic on Coupon Savings

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groceriesSo, how much can you save with coupons? Sometimes, I think that we get caught up with shows like TLC Extreme Couponing or articles online and we think that we should all be saving 90% of our grocery bill all the time. We may even begin to feel discouraged because we aren’t saving like we think we should. Do I have shopping trips where I save 90% or more. Yep! Does it happen every time I shop? Nope! “Why not? I thought you were a Coupon Queen, Shopping Tips &Tricks!” you might say. Well, I think I am! 🙂 Yet, let’s look at it realistically. Here are some basics that I start out with each week.

First, there are several items that I get on a weekly basis that I rarely can get coupons for. Let me show you what my basic list starts out with each week.

4 Gallons of Milk – $2.98/gal. = $11.92 (that’s if I can get it for this price!)

Ingredients for salad: @ $10-$15

Fruit: @ $5

Potatoes: $3.50 *We like our potatoes. 🙂

I start with about $30-$35 of basics that I need every week. We like to eat salad at least twice a week and my kids drink a lot of milk. We also like to have fresh fruit for the kids to snack on. Plus, I try to stock up on meat when it’s on sale, but I would say I spend $5 to $10 per week on meat. So, for my family of 6, for food and personal items, I spend about $75/week + or – depending on sales and coupons. That to me is a HUGE savings. I used to have a budget of $200+/week for groceries! So, does couponing save me a ton of money! Absolutely! Most couponers will save 50% to 75% on their grocery bill. That’s a very realistic savings and attainable goal.

I spend about $30 to $40 each week doing my “stock pile”. Those are items that I get on sale with coupons and stock up for several weeks or months. Items like paper goods, cereal, canned goods, frozen food and so forth. Items that I like to get super cheap. 🙂 These are the items where I want to get 80 to 90% savings. So, in essence, I have two budgets. One for weekly items that I need and rarely can get coupons for, but feel they are important to our family and then the stock pile budget.

I guess what I am trying to get across is to not be discouraged if you aren’t saving 90% of your grocery bill each shopping trip. Whatever amount you do save is a help and blessing to your family, so persevere. Remember that if you save $25/week on groceries, that’s $100/month or $1,200/year! Every little bit counts! 🙂


  1. ShellyStout says:

    This is a great post and so nice to hear. In March i saved an average of 53% I would like to hit %60 in April. I feel this is a very attainable goal for each month. We don't eat any frozen or box foods, so I'm probably never going to hit the 75% mark. Fruits and veggies are so expensive.
    Thanks for helping me feel good about these averages.

  2. Fruits and veggies are expensive. One way I save on those is by shopping Dillons and getting the marked down produce. I know not all Dillons do that but mine does and on a regular basis.

    I think 53% is awesome especially if you try to eat healthy. I am the same way as you and try to eat REAL food and not just frozen and boxed crap.

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