Coupon Friendly Companies

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Ask and you shall receive, well maybe!

Many companies will send you coupons if you simply ask for them. Call or email them and tell them how much you love their product and ask if they have any coupons they could send you. Here is a list of companies that are known to be coupon friendly. Now, I can’t guarantee that they will send you any but you don’t know until you ask. Some companies will even send a coupon for a FREE product or a recipe book. I particularly like doing this for companies or products than you never or rarely see conventional coupons for. This will be a running list that I will update on a regular basis so if anyone has a company to add please let me know!
There is also this fabulous website for more company contacts! Please let me know of any others or if you have any issues with the contact information provided! I would love to continue to add to this list!
Thanks, All Mommy Wants for some of this list!


  1. Hi Ashley! You can add Lofthouse Cookies to the list. They are super nice folks!

  2. saveamymoney says:

    Wholly Guacamole sent my friend a box of free product and a bundle of coupons to share. Since it freezes well she really scored!

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  4. Blue diamond sent me coupons for almond breeze milk!

  5. Bagle bites sent me a handful of coupons that dont expire until Christmas of next year!

  6. Bagel bites sent me a handful of coupons that dont expire until Christmas of next year!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Pampers, Aussie, Herbal Essences, and Venus were great people to work with too! All were very nice and emailed back quickly. Huggies sent me coupons, but took 2 weeks to reply to me. Meow Mix doesn’t offer coupons. Dial sent me coupons, but only after back-and-forth emails. They weren’t very forthcoming with sending me coupons.

  8. So do you just message you’re favorite brands and tell them how much to love their products then ask if they have cupola they could send out

  9. Jenea partin says:

    I wont some coupons!!! Thia is the best thing thats happen to my family!!!! I am a stay at home mom and thi just helps my husband out hea a hard worker but with a step daugther and a baby sometimes things get hard!! But thank god coupons make life easier and better!!!! #lovecoupons #everyonedoit

  10. Debbie Archer says:

    I have written Litehouse Salad Dressing. They can be added to the list as well. :) Thanks for the list.

  11. Dr. Pepper/Snapple were excited to hear from me, but not excited enough to drop a few coupons into the mail. In fact, they said it would be impossible to send out coupons to their loyal customers on request. It was a form letter and was personally signed by #012113411A

    Interesting company approach.

  12. Hi, I love to coupon but recently found that I can’t print coupons from a tablet. Any suggestions?? Without coupons I am spending a fortune that this family of 9 (3 generations ranging from 95 -06 months) really can’t afford. Thanks for any help.

  13. Hey , does anyone ever get companies that respond with “if you would like coupons check the sunday paper or local store ads for sales”? I do look in those places but I guess I just can’t see the issue with helping out a loyal customer who buys their product. If it wasn’t for the consumers who buy their products they would be out of business. Tropicana was a no go for sending coupons to me.

  14. Side note sorry lol Newmans Own is always SUPER wonderful with emailing coupons. I emailed them and about a week later I got about 4 high value coupons for any Newmans Own product. :)

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