FREE Movies Anywhere App + 5 FREE Movies!

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FREE Movies Anywhere App + 5 FREE Movies!

I am super excited about this new FREE Movies Anywhere App!! We are headed into a season where we will be spending a lot of time on the road for a couple hours at a time. While I love to use movies and the iPad as a last minute activity for my boys, it will sure be nice to have all of our movies on ONE device and in ONE app!


  • Movies Anywhere is the only app that offers one home for your purchased movies, with one-click access to your digital libraries. Movies Anywhere seamlessly connects people with the movies they love and the functionality they need.
  • Movies Anywhere puts movies first. We celebrate them and make them the hero. We’ll bring new releases to you as soon as they’re available, plus special offers and sneak-peek access to exclusive bonus content, including actors’ “favorite films” lists and filmmaker interviews.
  • The movies you choose are important to you. They say something unique about you, and what you love. We want to bring movies to life in ways no other app can. We’re here to make family night, date night or much-deserved “you time” a guaranteed awesome experience. We’re ready to connect Movies Anywhere with movie lovers everywhere.

Plus, right now, you can get up to 5 FREE movies on your app when you connect your accounts!

I’ll be downloading my app now!! Get yours, too!

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