Save Money on Your Cable Bill

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Nowadays we are all looking to save money where we can. Ever wondered how you can cut back on your television budget?

Evaluate your television viewing habits. Do you watch television all the time? Is it always playing in the background at your house whether your family is watching it or not? If so, you probably don’t want to do away with your current programming options completely. Don’t quit cold turkey and completely eliminate your cable or satellite bill. Instead, try to downgrade. This article can help you to save money on your cable or satellite bill with little to no sacrifice.

Go with a more basic package.

If you have the top package (i.e., the most expensive) with your cable or satellite provider, try to downgrade. If you are under contract you might want to wait until your time on the contract runs out unless it makes financial sense for you to go ahead and end your contract early. For example, if there is a $50 penalty for ending your contract early but if you will save $50 per month to downgrade, you might want to consider it.

Just because you downgrade, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. If you get the most expensive package because you want movie channels, you can consider other alternatives. The money that you save by downgrading from the top package to a lesser package should more than pay for you to be able to rent movies from Redbox  or Netflix.

Netflix is a mail order movie company that allows you to choose how many movies you would like to have at home for one price per month. Customers create a queue of movies that they would like to rent. Netflix sends you movies from your queue and can keep them as long as you want. When you want more movies you simply send them back to Netflix and they will send the next movies in your queue when they receive the ones that you sent off.

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