Stitch Fix Review: Fix #6 (June 2016)

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Stitch Fix Review #6 Stitch Fix Review: Fix #6 (June 2016)

If you’ve been following along, I am officially addicted to Stitch Fix. I still haven’t had that elusive 5/5 box, but I’m totally okay with that. If I can add 1-2 new pieces to my wardrobe (which so desperately needs it!), I’m happy. This month I asked my stylist, Courtney, for some color – specifically sleeveless tops that I could wear a regular bra with as well as denim or white shorts. She sent me five tops and a maxi skirt (which was oh so comfy). Gotta say, I was a little disappointed since she didn’t even mention my note, pinterest, or the shorts, but I still managed to find a top to keep! THML Silvano Embroidery Detail Top

First up is the THML Silvano Embroidery Detail Top. I thought this was kind of cute out of the box since I like halter tops, but just had no clue what to do with the tassels. If I let them hang down, I felt like the top of the shirt revealed too much. I wasn’t in love with this one so it went back.

Skies are Blue Alnwick Embroidery Detail Knit Tank Top

I knew the Skies are Blue Alnwick Embroidery Detail Knit Tank Top was a no go as soon as I saw it in the box. I have a long torso and could tell immediately that it would be too short. The thicker “straps” are also a no-go for me…they just don’t look good. This one was definitely returned!Renee C Macey Printed Maxi Skirt

I was very skeptical about this Renee C Macey Printed Maxi Skirt, but after trying it on, I really liked it! It was super soft and comfy, plus the right length. If I had been keeping more pieces in my box this month, this skirt would have definitely been added to my closet. Since I wasn’t, it, unfortunately, was returned.

Le Lis Jessamine Scoop Neck Blouse

I am really hope I don’t regret returning this Le Lis Jessamine Scoop Neck Blouse. I loved the fit and really liked the pattern, but I ultimately decided that it wasn’t as versatile as another top. Plus, I’m not really a pink girl. Can you tell I was trying to convince myself to buy it though? I tried it on with a variety of bottoms. Collective Concepts Alysia Lace Detail Top

And, this was my keeper – the Collective Concept Alysia Lace Detail Top! I kept this one because I could wear it with so many things – colorful shorts/pants/crops, navy, and black.

Sorry for the wet hair pictures. This was a crazy busy week – our first full week of summer vacation and camp for the boys during the morning plus sports activities in the evenings.

Want to get your own Fix?? Create your account HERE and complete your Style Profile. This tells your stylist what types of clothes you like and don’t like. Once your profile is complete, you can schedule your fix! There is a $20 fee for StitchFix to send your fix. This can be used towards anything you decide to purchase. You will receive 5 items – clothes, accessories and/or shoes. And, if you decide to keep all 5 items, you will save 25% on your purchase. Once you receive your Fix, try it all on within 3 days and send back anything you don’t want. It’s that simple.

Now, I am normally a clearance rack shopper so I will tell you that Stitch Fix prices are higher than I would normally pay, but I look at it as a treat for myself. Here’s the great thing, once you sign up, you can get referrals and that means shopping credit! I am not being paid for this post so if you are interested in Stitch Fix and want to sign up, I would love for you to use my referral link and then share your link with your friends.

You can see all of my past fixes here:

And, no, you don’t have to do one every month. You can do it just once or as often as you like!

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