What do you do when a FREEBIE Requires a Credit Card? I have a Solution!

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What do you do when a freebie requires a credit card? Often times people just pass up that freebie. I don’t blame you either. You can never be too careful in this world nowadays with identity theft and credit card fraud being so rampant. I have a solution for you though! I have a prepaid American Express credit card that I keep just for freebie offers. You don’t even need money on it. Many people ask why do freebie offers require a credit card? Many companies will use this as a means of verification for freebies to prevent people from abusing the freebie offer and getting a bunch of them. I don’t blame the companies for that either. Let’s face it, there are plenty of people out there who will abuse freebies too. My solution to all of this is my American Express prepaid credit card. It is a win win for everyone. I get my freebies and I am not giving out my credit card info that I actually use to anyone. You can’t go wrong.

You can sign up for a 100% completely free American Express card HERE. There are NO monthly fees with this card!! This is a FREE pre-paid card and it comes with many of the American Express cardholder benefits too. You get 1 free cash withdraw per month also. If you need more cash the charge is only $2.00 so not too bad. Another great benefit of the American Express card too is their Christmas time promotions. In December I received a FREE $25 just for adding $25 to my card. You can’t beat free cash!


I actually have 2 American Express cards, 1 for freebies and then 1 for all of my other online shopping. I use a prepaid card for my other shopping too for sites that do not take PayPal because I don’t want my bank card info given out online. My bank debit card is linked to my savings account so I do not take the chance of that being put at risk. The last thing I need is someone draining my savings account. My husband and I have worked hard to save and I’m not letting anyone get near it! I also like having the prepaid card because there are many things that you HAVE TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD FOR such as renting a car or making large purchases that are more than your daily debit card limit. I do not have any regular credit cards. It isn’t because I have no self control, I just don’t like them. Most credit cards have monthly fee’s or fee’s if you are below a certain balance and I refuse to pay to have a credit card.

American Express® Prepaid Card


  1. THANKS for this idea, just ordered mine. Can never be too safe.

    • You are welcome and no you can never be too safe. I have never had any issues with funky charges BUT there are way too many scammers on the net to take any chances.

  2. Michelle Harris says:

    AWESOME idea, thank you!!!!

  3. Tiffany Dover says:

    I’m in Arkansas and when I tried to order it said it’s not available in Arkansas or Vermont 🙁 Wish I could have it shipped to someone else and have them ship it to me. This sucks!

  4. beautytolove says:

    Great idea! I’m going to order one. Thank You So Much! 🙂

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