Estimating Diaper Needs in order to stock up

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I just recently learned that my 19 year old sister is pregnant. She is still in high school but will graduate like 2 months before the baby is due. She is unemployed and job prospects will be very slim for her given the fact that

(1) she is pregnant.
(2) she resides in my home state of Michigan where a person with a PhD is even lucky to get a job right now.

Life is already a challenge for her and this is going make things 10 times worse. I really want to see her go on to college and make something of her life and putting a baby into that equation kinda throws a kink into her plans. I want to help her in any way that I can but I live like 16 hours away so the best thing I know of to help her in this life changing situation is financially. Of course me being the coupon queen that I am, I want to start stocking up on baby supplies for her. I am 16 hours away so I am limited to what I can do for her in terms of actually helping with the baby but I do know how to SHOP and save boat loads of money!

My very first thoughts were diapers and formula. These 2 items seem to be the biggest expense in my opinion. I can’t even begin to stock up on formula because who knows what kind she will need. I am actually hoping she will choose to breastfeed but being only 19 she still sees it as being “gross”. I hope when the baby is born her maternal instincts will kick in and she will realize god gave her breasts to feed and nourish her child and that they aren’t just sexual objects. Anyways, back to the diapers. So this got me really thinking of how many of each size will she need? I had no clue. I have never had a child and probably never will due to health repercussions if I did, so I am pretty clueless on this subject. So off to the Internet I went in search of some good info. Here is what I have come up with.

Size N: 6 or 7 jumbos
Size N diapers generally go up to 10 lbs. You’ll change diapers OFTEN. Buy about a month’s worth.

Size 1: 15+ jumbos
Size 1 diapers generally go up to 14 lbs. The baby will reach this weight at about 3.5 months.

Size 2: 25+ jumbos
Size 2 diapers generally to up to 18 lbs. The baby will reach this weight at about 7 months.

Size 3: 70+ jumbos
Up to 28 lbs. The baby will reach this weight at about two years old. You’ll be in size 3s for a LONG time.

Size 4: 40+ jumbos
Hopefully this is the last size you’ll need. Most kids will use this size until they’re potty trained.

Holy Cow that is a lot of diapers! Does anyone agree or disagree with these estimates? Now I really need to figure out what brand are the best. Any suggestions? My older sister who has 4 girls says her favorites were huggies and pampers. I hope this information can be useful to parents or soon to be parents. Having a baby is a huge expense so I hope this helps you to plan your stockpile.

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  1. katie klein says

    I would not get as many size ones and twos and newborns. We used newborn size for only 2 weeks. By 3 months my boys were both in size 3’s. I have probably used way more then 70 packs of the size fours though My oldest is 2 and has been in size four for well over a year. My friends daughter was in size 3 by 4 months as well. Once you start having too many leaks it usually means the diaper is too small. My youngest is now 6 months and I swear the size 3’s are even starting to get tight!

  2. My daughter is 7 months and is still in a size one, so I’ve used a lot more newborns and size one than what that estimates, as well as expecting to use more 2 and probably less 3. But I suppose it depends on your baby’s size more than anything.

  3. Ashley M. says

    It really just depends on the baby to be perfectly honest. My daughter ended up only being 5 lbs 11 oz when we left the hospital and she was in size N until 2 months old. But some babies are born big and never even go in to size N but straight in to size 1. Piper got to about 8 1/2 pounds and the N diapers just got to be to wear they didn’t seem to fit right. Then she was in size 1 until she was about 4 1/2 months old, but then she was only in size 2 diapers for a month before having a huge growth spurt and going in to size 3 diapers. I am a Pampers girl, always have been. We tried huggies and they just did not fit right. Now I had purchased before hand, the BIG boxes of like 200+ diapers at Babies R Us. I would always go when they had their buy 2 boxes get a $25 gift card or buy 2 boxes and get a large wipes (usually the $19.99, 640 count wipes) free. Then I could use the gift card for other things I needed like Bottles and Formula. When I bought my boxes, babies r us has a guide in their registry book of what their studies show national averages are. And they were pretty darn close to what I got. I went through about 400 Newborn diapers, probably the same in size 1 too. Now I purchased almost 700 size 2 diapers which was a HUGE mistake because I only used like 250. So I had to take some back. I currently have about 400 size 3 and she is 15 pounds and 6 months old (a far cry from the tiny little thing she was when she was born). I see this was written over a year ago so I am going to assume that your sister has already had her baby and I would be interested to know how those numbers ended up working for you! my suggestion to others would be this:

    I based my numbers on my self. I was a premie baby and so genetically I thought she might be too (although she sure felt like a 1000 pounds in my stomach). Definitely don’t buy very many size 2 diapers. Also, like with newborn it says up to 10 pounds but size 1 starts at 8 pounds. Usually whatever number the diaper starts on is a good feel for what size to use. If you have an 8 pound baby, more than likely they will never go in to newborn diapers. So I would be careful getting those. Size 2 diapers are only good for a couple pounds and they gain that quickly during that stage. And use the Babies R Us guide on their registry, its pretty close to what is needed! Good luck to all the future mama’s out there!

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