{Giveaway} 4 Sets of 6 $3/1 Got2b Product Coupons

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{closed and winners are chosen already}

$3/1 Got2b Product Coupon Giveaway!

Who loves the Got2b products? I am a huge fan of their products and was doing the happy dance when I got word of the $3/1 coupon that came out in the Sunday’s papers over the weekend. Not only is this coupon killer BUT they are also B1G1 free at Walgreens thru 2/25. Arm yourself with 2 of of these babies (or more!) and you have yourself FREE products! They are $5.99 and B1G1 free. Buy 2 products and use 2 coupons and you get both FREE. Now many of you didn’t get these coupons so I want to share the ones I have been able to aquire. I have 4 sets of 6 coupons I am going to give away to 4 lucky winners!

How to enter:

Leave a blog post comment here telling me where you will use the coupons if you win!

Then all you have to do is click the button below and it will take you to the Rafflecopter form. Fill that out and you are all entered!

This giveaway will close on 2/18 at 12:01 am EST. Winners will be notified by email. You will only have 48 hours to respond to the email. I am going to be very strict on the 48 hours. I want to have these in the mail on Monday so everyone gets them in time to use on the Walgreens sale. Good luck everyone!

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  1. At Walgreens! Beat deal!

  2. Walgreens of course!

  3. Gabriella Armetta says:

    WALGREEN’S!!! I want just two coupons soooo bad lol 🙂 Thank you for the chance 🙂

  4. Walgreens!!!!

  5. I will use them at my local Walgreens! Love the got2b root boost and volume hairspray!

  6. Heather Rhoads says:

    At Harris Teeter! They’re B1G1 there this week and they let you use 2 coupons on a B1G1! 😀

  7. brittney mason says:

    Walgreens!!! I love these products!!!

  8. Leighjay Nultemeier says:


  9. Crystal Bean says:

    Walgreens love these products for my sons hair

  10. winner 🙂 will have to stop by my Walgreens and start fighting again with the manager good luck to me lol thanks for the chance 🙂

  11. ashlee lewis walls says:

    walmart since my town has no walgreens 🙁

  12. Walgreens LOVE THERE PRODUCTS .. Where my hair is oily and got2b does not make it more oily ..

  13. Melissa Gibbs says:

    My Walgreen’s is within walking distance…. so definitely there!

  14. alexandra r. says:

    Walgreens!! I love got2b =)

  15. I will use it at Walmart due to no Walgreens here. Would love to get them as we did not have them in our paper this week.

  16. Why Walgreens of course! 🙂

  17. Debi Holmbo says:

    At Walgreens…. there’s no other place around here! Nice, they weren’t in any papers here this week.

  18. Defiantly Walgreens can’t beat paying just taxes on a product.

  19. Walgreens! I love these products 🙂

  20. I will use them at Walgreens. I made the mistake of using the one I had at CVS…had to pay $0.99 plus tax =(, Free is the way to go!

  21. Chrissi Badger says:


  22. My husbands hair! haha Walgreens, of course!

  23. I will use it at Wags or PM at Walmart, either way I would score some free hair products. Woot! Woot!

  24. Heather Gilchrist says:


  25. I would use it at cvs or walmart. hubby loves this stuff

  26. Melissa Weiss says:

    Would use at CVS or Walgreens!

  27. Sabrina Carter says:

    I would use them at Walgreens of course! I love got2be!

  28. lisa peterson says:

    Walgreens of course. I love this product, just bought some as well and had no clue about the coupon (silly coupon noob)
    thank you for the chance!!!

  29. Brandi Ferguson says:

    walgreen’s. unfortunately, where I live we didn’t get this qs. 🙁

  30. Walgreens of course! 🙂

  31. Melinda O'Rourke says:

    Wherever gives me the best deal

  32. Walgreen’s for that super duper b1g1 deal, can stock up on some amazing hair spray! Thanks 🙂

  33. i would go to Shoprite. Thank you for the giveaway.

  34. carrie basham says:

    I need these coupons soooo bad! I ordered 6 papers in anticipation of this coupon and didnt get ANY! blahhhh I will use them at WalGreens and score an awesome deal!

  35. Elizabeth Conley says:

    Walgreens of course!

  36. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    I will use them at Walgreens!

  37. Would definitely be using these at Walgreen’s. You almost can’t beat BOGO 🙂

  38. I’ll be using them at Walgreens!

  39. amanda herren says:

    I will use them at walgreens, I was so mad when I saw I didnt get these coupons. I use two of there products and my son uses two so we I buy 4 total products everymonth for my family of the got2b line. I would even trade my other coupons for some of these!! I hop i win!!!

  40. I am a devoted CVS shopper, so I would definitely use the coupons there if they run a good sale. Otherwise, Wags! 🙂

  41. Rite Aid….. mostly because my area has LOTS of couponers so all the Wags around here have bare shelves.

  42. Walgreen’s but of course!

  43. Walgreens!

  44. WALGREENS for FREE!!!!!!

  45. Walgreens!

  46. walgreens or Price match at walmart… thanks for doing this giveaway.

  47. Wags of course. We didn’t get these coupons in our inserts. Boo. So here I am watching ebay like a hawk :/ Thanks for the chance!!!

  48. Walgreens

  49. mary fanara coleman says:

    At walgreens.

  50. Tiffany Berry says:


  51. pick me, pick me! 🙂 haha! being 1 of 6 girls in my family, these coupons would sure come in handy!

  52. i will use these for my son has the glue is the only thing that will hold his mohawk up

  53. Emily Guimares-Gauthier says:

    i have NO hair products in my house and my daughter gets so mad at me when i do her hair and it falls out 10 minutes later. these will come in handy. Cvs is having a buy one get one deal

  54. anne brown says:

    will give these to my daughter after I redeem them at walgreens!

  55. Colleen H. says:

    I would plan on using these at Walgreens! 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity! I hope I’m commenting in the right spot!

  56. Love this product!

  57. Katherine B. says:


  58. Sorry, I will use at Walgreens or Harris Teeter!

  59. I would use at CVS or Walgreens. thank you

  60. mallory castille says:

    I will use them at walgreens

  61. I’d use them at Walgreens or Walmart.

  62. I LOVE this company and their products!! I would use it at Walgreens. I have a deployed husband and I never do anything for myself ( trying to save money) and I would totally get me some of this and be VERY happy!!! Thanks

  63. Crystal Epperson says:


  64. I would use them at Walgreens!

  65. I am in desparate need of hairspray. I will use them at Walgreens! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Kristine Twardy-Todd says:

    i need to stock up on hair products…probably at walgreens

  67. I’m keeping my fingers crossed Thank you

  68. I will use these at CVS because I can also use a $4 off 20 coupon. Walgreens might be a tuffy. I’ve heard good and bad stories about the coupon not working on the B1G1 free. Thanks

  69. walgreens

  70. Marlena Ruiz says:


  71. Walgreens

  72. Ill use them at Walgreens, and then I’ll give them to my mom. She LOVES these products but rarely buys them bc of the price.

  73. I tradded mine before I relized they were on sale and my husbands needs gel and i would like to try the product for the flat iron.

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