{GIVEAWAY} Coach Soho Snap Head Handbag

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You can spruce up your look this spring without investing in a new wardrobe. Update your outfits by accessorizing with the hottest handbags of the season. That can be very pricey though so what would you say to winning this beautiful Coach purse that just screams spring? I have teamed up with a few of my closest blogger friends to bring you the chance to have this bag be yours!

Coach Soho Snap Head Print Sateen Large Lynne Hobo Bag in Pink Multi {retail value $378}

  • Sateen
  • snap closure
  • Multicolor Snap Head design on sateen silky fabric
  • Full middle zippered compartment with two large separate compartments
  • Lined Interior with Pockets
  • Approx. 14 inches wide, 11 inches tall, 4 inches wide, with a 10 inch drop.

How to enter

“Like” the pages below then fill out the Rafflecopter form and you are all entered!

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This giveaway will end March 20th at 12:01am. The winner will be chosen randomly and notified via. email. You will have 48 hours to respond to the email. If you don’t respond a new winner will be chosen and you forfeit the prize. This giveaway is open to the US only and 18+ years old.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. christina serrano says:

    I dont think i deserve to win anymore than anyone else, but I would sure like to! 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  2. I loooove Coach stuff, but I can’t afford them and haven’t bought a new purse in years. I just would love one so much!!!

  3. Veronica Kostyal says:

    it would be nice to win something! Never owned a Coach bag so would be nice!!!

  4. I should win just cause I should.. I guess regardless it’s greedy to win and there really isn’t a valid reason for me to win except that I want to !
    I*on a side note I hope my email addy is hidden, I’ve had it picked up by these things before and I start to get all sorts of spam junk* thanks

    • No one can see your email address but me, I promise. That is why I use the Rafflecopter instead of blog comments for entry. I don’t want my fans to have to leave their email address for others to see it. With this form no one but I can see the information. I value my fans and would never want to compromise my relationship with them.

  5. I whant to win so bad I never own a coach purse my fingers are crossed thank you for this….good luck everyone

  6. Kristy Whitlock says:

    I’m so excited about this giveaway 🙂 Broke college student & mom always needs a purse!

  7. Colleen Haight says:

    I should win because I never buy anything for myself…just my kids!

  8. Amie Laventhall says:

    Myy favorite Coach bag had a litlle run in with my 2 year old, some apple sauce and some grape juice. It was ruined and I am crushed. The budget right now doesn’t allow me to replace it so I am crossing my fingers and toes that I can win a new one!

  9. i love all the oppertunities this site gives you to win. thank you and good luck everyone

  10. Rebecca G. says:

    I would love to have a new purse! I have never had a coach bag before 🙂

  11. I think I should win because my .25 yardsale find is giving out on me !

  12. Michelle Emmons says:

    I would love to win this coach bag. As a busy mom of 3 kids, most everything goes to them first. I don’t have a lot that’s just for me. I generally go for a very neautral colored purse, but this is a very lovely bag.

  13. Deanne Adams Haggerty says:

    I don’t think I should win for any reason except luck. Would I like to win, yes, I would, it would be a nice gift to myself while I’m overcoming some health issues and trying to loss this weight that came along with the health issues!

  14. Suzanne vang says:

    Big coach fan…It be nice to finally win something

  15. Heather Grieve says:

    I LOVE pink and LOVE purses…… sounds like a win/win to me!!!

  16. I love this purse!!!

  17. Alyssa L says:

    I want to win because I can’t afford a Coach purse right now!! Thx for the chance.

  18. I’ve never won something so great as this beautiful purse, so I really hope I win!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  19. It would be sooo awesome to win SOMETHING at some time! I enter contests all the time but maybe… this is the one I am to win since I LOVE LOVE this bag.. <3 Thanks for the opportunity.. I would love to actually win something I cannot afford myself. Thanks and good luck to all!

  20. Jeanne Jewett says:

    No reason! It would make a lovely gift for someone who really needs something nice:)

  21. Jessica Gratz says:

    I have never had a Coach bag I would love it.

  22. I think it’d be nice to win 🙂 I think everyone deserves a Coach purse! I would love a New purse!

  23. Leslie Sample says:

    I am very much in need of a new purse
    Thank you for the oppertunity.

  24. id love to win since ive always wanted a coach purse but can never afford one and i love all things pink 🙂

  25. Reallywabt to win this!!

  26. Really want to win this!!**

  27. Vicki Hensley says:

    I would love to win a Coach purse since it is not in my budget to buy one……and my luck isn’t that good when trying to win something. Thanks for the chance to win… 🙂

  28. OOOO Please let me be the lucky gal!!!!

  29. I want to win so I can carry a pretty purse instead of just a diaper bag! Good luck to everyone!

  30. Suzanne B says:

    Im sure everyone deserves to win ..but I havent bought a purse or got a new one in over 4 or 5 yrs haha

  31. I want to win because every woman deserves pretty things … and I am one of them 🙂

  32. Niki Zucca says:

    I love Coach! Now that I’m a stay at home mommy, it’s become a luxury item for us and I would very much love to WIN this beautiful bag!

  33. Michele Z says:

    Would be a great wedding present for myself…but seriously I don’t deserve to win anymore tyan anyone of these other women do…thankful for the opportunity!!

  34. Tamara Afa says:

    I think I should win because I have never own or brought anything this nice and probably wouldn’t ever get to because I don’t work and we only live off my husband income. And honestly I know I could never afford anything this nice..I hope I win but if not I can still dream. Please pick me and If you don’t please pick someone that does deserve it more than me (Even though I do think I deserve it!) Just saying 😉 Thanks again

  35. i would love to win this coach purse. i have entered many of these giveaways and never won. i hope i can win one just once. none the less i still appreciated the opportunity. the giveaways are fun…. Good luck everyone

  36. Monika Hayes says:

    Hmm!Perfect reason for wanting to win this I would say is that I would never buy myself something so expensive.I love it.I love all kinds of pocketbooks.I stumbled upon a Prada bag one time cheap,it was a miracle lol! Also it would look nice with my Coach key chain that I won here on facebook.

  37. chattie hale hinkle says:

    im just happy i got a chance at winning it thanks

  38. Winning is fun!

  39. Celeste E says:

    I have 2 little girls (love the pink) & i’ve never owned a real coach purse. With diapers, daycare, clothes & shoes for our little ones, does any mom get to spoil herself? A coach purse will be a great joy & a constant smile to brighten my day, and those I come in contact. Fingers crossed.

  40. I believe I’m the person who should win this because I have been wanting a Coach purse for so long but could not afford to buy one. My family’s need comes first so I put this dream purse aside. I will never stop joining a Coach purse giveaway until I win one! 😀

  41. i suffer from MS and Fibromalgya i have 4 kids i cant no longer work my husband is the only one and he tells me why i dont buy nice things for me why i have to always think about others and not me…. but i think by winning this purse might give me the encourage to go out there and ge me an outfit to go wit it…
    thanks for the opportunity

  42. brenda webb says:

    I should win because I entered and followed all the rules, and I love the purse and I really want to win. I don’t deserve to win anymore than anyone else, but i really would like to win, just like everyone else! Good luck to everyone!

  43. Maribel Cruz says:

    I would love to win this because it will be so awesome to win a Coach purse and because I can not afford it. It will be nice if every one can win one 🙂

  44. veronica castro-sanchez says:

    To be honest I have NEVER had a Coach purse and it would be really exciting to win something like this for me! I always try to budget my money for my family and never seem to afford an expensive item for me; so this would be a GREAT gift for me 🙂

  45. Super excited! Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Melissa Moreno says:

    I should win because I’ve never had a Coach purse but love them!

  47. Sylvia M. says:

    I would love a new purse! Working full time from home and taking care of my daughter, I don’t even have time to
    Go shopping anymore! I’m in desperate need of a new bag!

  48. Jeretta Angeline says:

    As a mom I haven’t had anything this nice or new in years as my kids come first like they should. Gorgeous purse!!

  49. bridgett coffey says:

    I would like to win because I will never have money to buy a beautiful purse like this. My son has downs syndrome and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He is 4 years old and been through so much. I do not have any extra money to even buy myself socks, let alone an amazing purse like this.

  50. king marsela says:

    i would love tooo win this omg it`s sooo cute( i hope luck is on my side)

  51. Theresa Evans says:

    I would love to win! I have never had coach purse. Thank you for the awesome giveaways!

  52. Michelle Schaal says:

    Thank you! I know whoever wins it will appreciate it!

  53. Helene Tienda says:

    I used to have a cute over-the-shoulder Coach purse, but a few years ago it was stolen, and I have never had the money to replace it. I have to say that was my favorite purse EVER, and I really miss it. This would be a really nice replacement, and I would treasure it. Thank you sooo… much for giving me an opportunity to possibly have one again!!

  54. Sandi Dean says:

    I should win because my daughter’s birthday is the 18th of this month and I was laid off 18 months ago so money is real tight for me right now. My daughter was in a car accident in January and had surgery, is still off work so this purse would really be a big surprise for her, she is a huge Coach fan.

  55. Natalie says:

    Gorgeous purse! I would love to win it!

  56. Lisa Peterson says:

    Hmm why I should win?
    I’ve never owned a beautiful Coach purse.
    This momma could use just a lil spoiling. My wonderful boyfriend supports me and my 2 beautiful girls. So this would be a perfect pick me up.
    Thank you all for the chance!!

  57. Jami McKinney says:

    There isn’t any particular reason why I should win over anyone else, I just think it’s a cute bag that I could never afford myself. lol

  58. Rachel Luthi says:

    Such a cute purse 🙂

  59. Dottie Prater says:

    Would love to win this for my daughter-in-law!

  60. Laura D says:

    That bag is lovely. I would take great care of it and cherish it always.

  61. Melanie S says:

    I would love this beautiful bag – I haven’t had a new purse in AGES!!!

  62. Veronica Wise says:

    I sure hope I win !!

  63. stehanie says:

    I would love to win b/c by winning would be my only way I could ever own a coach. I have and will never be able to buy a coach purse but I would love to win so I could at least have one.

  64. Michele Henneman says:

    I love Coach but cannot afford it! Plus I’m in need of a new purse.

  65. Deborah Pierce-Ritenour says:

    What a beautiful purse! I would love to win it. I have never owned a really nice purse. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  66. I would love to win because I have never had one and cant afford to do anything to treat myself

  67. Jennifer Lusher says:

    I would love to win!! I am the one who fills out all of these and never wins, don’t believe me? Check out my likes page lol. However, I have got some great deals from the new pages I’ve liked because of these contests 🙂 It’s not just these contests, it’s everything. I never win. It would make my year if I won something!! Please pick me!!!!

  68. Monica Burke says:

    I would LOVE a new purse… With being the mom of 4 kids I rarley buy things for myself so this would be a nice surprise! 🙂

  69. I would love this Coach purse! It’s so cute and I would use it everyday!

  70. i would love to own a coach purse but i cant shell out the money to buy one!thanks for the oppertunity to win one

  71. Amanda Nolan says:

    I would love to win this beautiful purse…i have never been able to own anything name brand in my life! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN THIS GORGEOUS PURSE!

  72. Cheryl L says:

    I am a stay at home mom and I love it. Being home means that I have to make cuts somewhere and that means I do not buy myself expensive purses like this.

  73. Erica Ricci says:

    I would love to win the coach purse as I have wanted one for years; I just can not afford it in todays economy. Thank you for the opportunity at a chance to win! You are all Great!

  74. patti jamison says:

    I would truly love to win this purse. Thanks for the chance

  75. athena d. says:

    i think i should win because a new purse would be wonderful. being a mom has destroyed all my other purses lol. all 2 of them lol. so a nice coach purse just for mommys things would be nice : )

  76. Kathy Luman says:

    I would love to win. I don’t have reason to tell you why I should win. I just know I would love to win.

  77. My birthday is in a week and this would be the BEST birthday present!!!!! Blue was always my favorite color growing up but since my grandmother passed from breast cancer I have started using pink for everything to support breast cancer awareness and this awesome purse is pink!!!! Love it!

  78. lanivwest says:

    I Really need this…….i don’t have anything that cost over $20.00 and this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! Please pick me!!!!

  79. Wendy Borcherding says:

    I love this purse, and I need a new one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. michelle murray says:

    Because I really need a new purse!

  81. Amy Keating Casey says:

    I am probably like every other mom in the world, I need a new purse because I am the last to get anything new…lol…Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  82. I would like to win (or should win) because I am the only female in my house of all boys and I need a little something girly!!!!

  83. Deb Allen says:

    This would make a perfect birthday gift for myself. I’m 51 today, YEAH!!!

  84. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win and give this to my grandmother for her birthday. She will be 100yrs old June 6th and she loves purses. She has so many and always asks for more . I think she would love it!

  85. Molly Rosencrans says:

    Loyal fan and follower, LOVE Coach even though I couldn’t even think of spending that kind of money on myself. Busy mom of 3, Fulltime caregiver to my husband who is a severely wounded veteran.

  86. Rebecca Elizabeth Wherry (Becki) says:

    I should win because I am a mom of 4 lil’ people and 4 animals, wife to a wonderful man who just can’t afford extras, I am new to saving big, and a Substitute teacher that is just learning to blog, twitter, facebook, and save all at the same time!! I could really use a lovely lil’ girly thingy to keep my great knew toys in, (i.e. my first smartphone, my knew kindle, calendar, and calculator!!

  87. Lorna Patrick says:

    Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win. I would love to win because I have never owned a coach bag before but have always wanted one. Good luck to everyone : )

  88. Shavonne says:

    I have never owned a name brand purse and would enjoy it.

  89. Andrea Ward says:

    I would LOVE to win this purse because as a mommy on a budget I really dont have the money to buy one out of pocket 🙂

  90. I really need a new one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. OMG I love this purse. I keep looking at them online but alas being unemployed keeps me from shopping

  92. Shavonne says:

    I am a Mommy of 3 and on a tight budget. I have never owned a name brand purse but have always wanted to and this purse would look great on my shoulder 🙂

  93. Would love to own a designer purse/bag sometime in my life!!

  94. I should win because I deserve it.. 🙂 No, seriously.. It’s really nice. Whoever wins deserves it! 🙂

  95. I would love tow in as I love Coach!

  96. Tammy Slade says:

    I should win because I have never had a coach purse, and I have been very good this year so far

  97. Sherri McMillen says:

    I LOVE this purse! Good luck to everyone.

  98. I hope I win! This purse is amazing!

  99. tracey crum thomas says:

    I think I should win because I’m a mother of 3 teens, one of which goes to college, and I always put my children before myself. I love Coach purses but I have never been able to afford one. I could really use a new purse and this one would be perfect because it’s pretty and girly. In July I had a blood clot in my brain which caused me to have a mini stroke among other things. I had to be brought back home by ambulance because I couldn’t go up or down steps, and have not been able to get out the house. I finally got a wheelchair ramp for my house and that was truly a Blessing to my family. I will be able to get out the house and do things with my children. I can’t wait to be able to go back to Church, my kids school events, and to be able to use my coupons again. Winning the purse would be another Blessing and it would be something special to me. Thank you for the great giveaway, I’m sure any lady would love it. Good luck to everyone !

  100. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    Coach is my favorite purse designer and I would wear it proudly! Also it’s my birthday on the 11th 🙂

  101. I think I should win because I patronize Coach often, shoes, sunglasses, purses, and perfume. I love Coach and have gone back to school so as of right now can not afford new Coach products. Thanks so much!

  102. Times are hard, coupons are great. A new purse would be special now

  103. Lori Davis says:

    I sorely need a new purse and it’s not in my budget!

  104. mike hamner says:

    I would like to win to give to my wife for her bday in a few days. She would love it!

  105. Sarah Tilley says:

    I would LOVE to win because I’ve never owned anything Coach (can’t afford it) and would be ever so grateful for this purse! 🙂

  106. Shirley says:

    Because I’m feeling lucky 🙂

  107. Bridget Merker says:

    I do not own a Coach purse and would love this!

  108. I think I should win because I followed everyone you asked and my number was randomly generated – I hope!

  109. Keisa Rogers says:

    I think that i should win because i am a stay at home mom of 4 who for one could never afford to buy one but also who spends every dime i have on stuff for the kids and never myself.Thanks so much for these awesome giveaways! Good luck everyone <3

  110. Cori Greene says:

    I should win because my luck is finally turning around after 3 long years and I deserve a treat!!
    Thank you for the chance!!

  111. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I’m a mom of 3 and never have the money to buy something for myself. The kids always come first as it should be, but it would be nice for mommy to get a treat every now and then. Thank you for the chance!

  112. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I would like to win, I could use a new purse.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  113. Kelly Nicholson says:

    because im a greedt bugger

  114. Clarissa Valentine Gant says:

    I should win because I would just LUV this to be my very first Coach purse! ♥

  115. I have never owned anything Coach before! I would be extremly greatfull

  116. Jude Skocki Kelly says:

    Pink and brown are my colors. This would match pretty much every outfit I have <3

  117. I should win because I would give it to my daughter for her birthday

  118. i should win because that would be a great gift for my mom

  119. Pinky Sade says:

    I want to win this for my best friend whose birthday is coming up!

  120. Tammy S says:

    I would like to win because I would love to have a Coach purse. I love purses! 🙂

  121. Sandy Brown says:

    why should I win, cause I’m wild and crazy. this purse would definitely look good on me. 😉

  122. Tammi J Laney says:

    I deserve to win because i never owned a coach purse.I can’t afford one.I also do for everyone else and not for me.Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. Maria Balmeo says:

    Because i need a new bag.

    Thanks for opportunity,

  124. This purse is gorgeous! I think I should win because I don’t ask my family for much, they are all more important.

  125. I should win because my daughters carry name brand purses and I don’t

  126. Krissy Wilson says:

    I think I should win this, because I have never won one yet. I love the color pink, and the style is awesome! Thx for the giveaway!

  127. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I have always wanted a coach bag and never could afford one..I would never feel right about buying one because we need other things. Winning it is a different story(wink)!!

  128. Marci Cottrill says:

    It would mean the world to me. I havent got a new purse since 2006.

  129. Kristal Jarrell says:

    I think I should win because my husband made me get rid of all my extra purses and now I need a new one!!!!

  130. betsy barnes says:

    I think I should win because I never got the whole “Coach” fashion UNTIL I went on vacation to NYC and went shopping in a Coach store..OMG! I got it..so I bought a pair of gold, Coach sneakers! But I really should have gotten a purse!

  131. Shelly Tilley says:

    The purse is absolutely gorgeous.

  132. It would mean the world to me if I could win OMG I LOVE Coach but any extra money def goes to my childrens wants and needs. We live on a tight budget and I Can’t forsee affording a Coach anything anytime soon 🙂 !!!

  133. I think I should win because I have always wanted a Coach purse, but could never afford one! If I won I’d be one happy Momma!! 🙂

  134. I think I should win because I can’t justify spending the money on a Coach purse right now but would dearly love to have one.

  135. Nicole Fuentes says:

    i should win because my fave color is pink lol, and i am a very hard working mom and go to school full time and deserve something soooo pretty…plus i never seem to win anything but i keep entering because one day i will i have faith lol.

  136. bev medcal says:

    i should win cuz i dont win things…its past time! lolol that and i REALLY like that bag and my current one is falling apart!

  137. Billie Hester says:

    I have never owned a Coach purse. Could never afford one, especially now that I no longer work. Would really be great to win one. Thanks for this giveaway!

  138. Cheryl V says:

    I think I should win since I haven’t bought I new purse in year and need a new one but it is not in our budget since I lost my job.

  139. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    bc I’m really stressed outright now with school and working full time. I also really need a new bag. The only i have is pretty dirty on the outside. thanks for the chance!

  140. Amberli a. says:

    I should win because I love coach purses and I can never afford them on my own.

  141. Diane Hunter says:

    Cause I need a NEW purse!!!! And I keep entering things and never win….LOVE U ALL!!!

  142. I should win because I love (LOVE) handbags 😀 *sigh*

  143. I think I should win, because pink is my grandson’s favorite color(?) he’s 3. And I love the make of this bag, my daughter has one something like it and I carried it once and felt so special, because I can’t afford one. So it would be awesome if could win this.

  144. Lisa laska noone says:

    I need a fancy coupon carrier…..a written on envelope is’nt vey “chic”! It’s a Gorgeous purse!

  145. barbara Tryon says:

    I should win because i have not had a new purse in about 3 years!!

  146. I would never spend the money for a Coach purse, but I would love to win to give one to my daughter for her birthday. She is a young single mom who spends all of her money on her son and she deserves something pretty for herself!

  147. I don’t have the money for a new Coach purse. I’m in nursing school, helping raise my fiance’s 3 kids plus my own 3 kids, and our 8 year old has cancer. Life is far from easy, and I am far from having any type of money for extra stuff, especially something like a Coach purse! I would love to feel special with something like that, as I find I am giving much more than I am able to receive in return..but that’s ok. To receive would make me feel spoiled! And that’s ok too. 😉

  148. Denise Helton says:

    I should win because I have never once owned a name brand purse, so I would so post a huge Thank you on my wall with a picture and prove that you really do award these things to peeps like me. Plus pink/beige my newest favorite color combo lately….so it goes well with most of the new clothes I have purchased in the past year.

  149. Rachel Rhea says:

    I would love to win because I have never had a nice purse and this one is cayute! I can’t afford one on my own so it would be awesome to win.

  150. Colleen Turner says:

    I should win because I absolutely LOVE Coach! Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. Debbie Willingham says:

    Gorgeous purse!

  152. Andrea D says:

    I should win because i love this bag and it would make the perfect going home present for me:)

  153. this bag is super cute and I would love to win it! it would upgrade by style!

  154. Laura Moreno says:

    I would love to win this bag because it is adorable and it would be a great pick me up after the past couple of months I have had. Good luck everyone. !!!

  155. Jeanne Simon says:

    I would like to win this Coach bag because I will never own one unless I win one!!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  156. Why should I win this bag? I should win this bag because I’m a great best friend and I would be giving it to my best friend, who LOVES Coach purses!

  157. Brandi Price says:

    I am a stay at home mom who always puts my 3 yr old son and husband first. I would LOVE to have something like this just can’t afford it most of the time! Thanks for the opportunity!

  158. simply because i LOVE this bag!!!

  159. I typically go for cheap purses. This would be incredible!

  160. sun chicka says:

    Love this bag!

  161. Angela S says:

    Cute bag..thanks for the chance :0)

  162. I love this bag!!

  163. Michelle Harris says:

    Cause I LOVE Coach bags, have always had a hard time buying something nice for myself, and I was laid off last June… This bag is amazing!!!

  164. Debbie Welchert says:

    For once in my life I would really like to have a nice bag instead of hand me downs or really cheap purses that don’t even last a year with me. This bag is so beautiful and I would love to win it.

  165. Jennifer Haile says:

    I need this bag because I haven’t had a new bag for 12 years!

  166. Marti Parks says:

    I should win because I love this bag even more than Swedish Fish. I love this bag more than cheeseburgers….or maybe because I love this bag more than a velvet Elvis on the wall. 🙂

  167. Sandy Lassiter says:

    I would love to win this bag!

  168. Crystal Epperson says:

    I would love to win because I don’t own a COACH bag and I can’t afford one! lol

  169. stephanie gilbert says:

    I wouldn’t say I should win but would love to win. Why? This is something I can never afford to buy myself. I am a stay at home mom and while I am thankful to be able to do so, it means sacrifice on things like this. Adding to the budget issues is my 3 yr old was recently dx’d with autism. So even more money that we don’t really have is gone on D’s and therapies. I am willing to give everything I have for my son. But to win something as nice as this would be wonderful and something for me, which hasn’t happened in a long time.

  170. Jamie B says:

    I would love to win because I haven’t bought myself a new purse since 2007!

  171. I have never had a purse that costed more than $10-$20. I’d love a classy purse!

  172. I would love to win this for a birthday gift for my daughter! she needs a new bag and she LOVES Coach!

  173. I would love to win this Coach bag because I will never be able to afford this beauty!

  174. Dara Nix says:

    I should win because I am 50 years old and have NEVER owned a Coach bag – so this would be my FIRST!

  175. Christine says:

    I should win because I could never afford this on my own.

  176. I would LOVE to WIN!!! LOVE!!! purses and can always use a NEW!!! purse, Coach is one of my favorites.

  177. amber demeo says:

    I should win because I need a new purse but I can’t afford to buy one this beautiful and nice!!!

  178. I would really love to win this bag. I hope I entered everything corectly. Good luck to everyone who entered.

  179. I hope to win because I have never owned a designer purse because I have never been able to afford one but I love this purse. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  180. LaShelle Lee says:

    I should own this beautiful bag so i can be ready for the spring and my girls can envy me 🙂 Thanx for the chance to win…

  181. Janene Scarborough says:

    I’d like to win because I love Coach and I really don’t own a decent purse.

  182. Cynthia says:

    love the bag and your site! i want to win b/c I need the pick me up!

  183. Juli Guthrie says:

    I should win because I don’t even own a purse!

  184. Sheralle D. says:

    I should win because I am in desperate need of a new purse. It has been years since I have had a nice, new purse, and the finances right now don’t allow for me to treat myself at this time. So, I would love to pamper myself without actually spending a dime.

  185. tracy simms says:

    I should win because I never owned anything related to COACH products..so this would be a nice prize to win for myself 🙂
    Thanks, simms3710@yahoo.com

  186. Tenielle S says:

    I should win cause this would be a great birthday present to myself!

  187. Leslie Galloway says:

    I should win because yesterday was my birthday… and I haven’t had a new purse in a long time!

    FACEBOOK Profile: facebook.com/GallowayLeslie

  188. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I should win because I have never owned a coach!

  189. I love Coach and this is a cute bag!

  190. AndreaH says:

    My mom loves purses and this would make a great “Just Because” gift for her.

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  191. Farrah Shumway says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted a beautiful Coach purse but with 4 teenagers & a 2yr old theres never enough mon ey left over to be spoiled!


  192. Michelle Macaluso says:

    I should win because this purse is so me!! I love the colors, and would love to have it!

  193. I think I should win because I put my family first. If it is something I do not need, I do not buy it. This is something I want!! 🙂

    Thank you!!!


  194. Penny Kathleen says:

    I should win because this is the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen and I’ve never had a Coach bag!!

  195. Catherine Taylor says:

    I have never had a Coach bag. I would love to win one just to see how it feels to own a Coach. And then when I know how that feels I would love to pass it on to another women who feels the same as me. I love to Pay it Forward and a Coach bag would be a great Pay Forward. Thank you Coach!

  196. Missy Lynnh says:

    I should win because this momma never spends money on herself and would love this beautiful purse!

  197. amanda roach says:

    i would congratulate anyone that wins. but i think i should win b/c pink is my favorite color. im a purse a holic and i have never been able to afford a coach purse.

  198. Kimmie Rios says:

    I should win because It’ll be my birthday soon!!! Oh and because I live in Juneau AK and we don’t have a COACH store here, so sad! I’ve been looking online and can’t find any deals, espeically on shipping!

  199. I’ve been unemployed for over a year, and have pretty much been homeless for the last few months, with all my things in storage and bouncing from place to place. I have been hired for a job that I should begin in a couple of weeks, and very much need to upgrade my wardrobe. This would be a great asset to begin my new life!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  200. i love t he purse and then i have bd coming up and then i love to have nice gift to give away
    this one might go to the gradutein the family

  201. Emilie C says:

    Because my mom has never owned a coach bag and i know she would LOVE this 🙂

  202. Robin Quick says:

    I should win because Im a hug fan of many blogs & read the every day! Also,I have never owned a Coach bag & could never afford to buy my own!

  203. Lorna England says:

    I’ve never treated myself to an expensive bag- my limit is $75!

  204. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I have never owned a coach handbag or any other designer bag. I just had a birthday so this would be a great gift. Also this would be so awesome for Spring. Thank you for the great giveaways!

  205. Laura A. Adams says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Coach purse.

  206. I don’t know why I should win but I want to win because I really think this purse is cute and I would love to win a coach purse who wouldn’t!

  207. Hard to say why I should win….anymore than anyone else. Its been a tough 6 months…but through the Grace of God…things are changing and getting better. Love to win a nice prize to pamper myself…..if not me…hope someone else who will TOTALLY enjoy it wins! Good Luck All!


  208. nicole strunk says:

    I have had a really awful month and could use something to smile about.

  209. I should win because my girlfriend likes pink.

  210. Biku Toria says:

    I love pink!

  211. I should win because I need a new purse.

  212. Elisabeth Bender says:

    I need a Coach bag!! My husband is too cheap to buy me one, so that is why I should win 🙂

  213. It would be fabulous to win this purse, I need a new one!

  214. olivia olson says:

    I should win because my mom would absolutely love it! She’s had a rough year, and I can’t afford to do anything super nice for her like this!

  215. I need a new purse.The old Coach purse is getting ragged.

  216. Debra Purdy says:

    I was saving for a coach bag but my 15 yr old bichon got sick and I had to spend the money on him.

  217. Bobbie J. says:

    Would love to win this bag!

  218. Manami Saxman says:

    I think I should win because I have never owned any handbags that are more expensive than $100!

  219. Brandy dickens says:

    I should win because I think this would be a perfect birthday gift for someone who has never owned one. 🙂

  220. Nicole Stidam says:

    I should win because I have never owned a coach bag. And probably never will. I make sure my daughter has EVERYTHING she could ever want! 🙂

  221. Lisa Jessop says:

    I should win because I LOVE purses! My daughter received a Coach purse for Christmas and since she is having twins this June i am going to need a beautiful Coach purse to carry my camera and pics of the new little baby boys!!

  222. Amber Burakowski says:

    I should win bc I have made so many life changes lately and by doing so can’t afford a new bag, and the one I have is falling apart…been saving up but this would help soooo much!!!!

  223. Linda Partin says:

    Love my purses!

  224. lynell carter says:

    Hard to come up with a reason WHY I should win let’s just say I would be happy if I did.

  225. loving the handbag!

  226. amy adams says:

    I love this purse

  227. I would like to own a purse like that.

  228. Dana McCool says:

    It’s my birthday next week….I love this purse!!! It would make a great birthday present!!!!

  229. I want to give this bag to my Mom for her birthday – she hasn’t been well for the past year and she has never had a Coach bag, she deserves it so much 🙂

  230. LOVE LOVE the “breast cancer pink” bag!

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