Saving Money with Rebates

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saving money with rebates

Saving Money with Rebates

In addition to coupons and sale savings, rebates are a great way to save, too! Following you will find rebate information as well as tips for saving money with rebates!

According to, “Every year, millions of people worldwide make purchases enticed by “price after rebate” promotions. Surprisingly, very few of those rebates are actually mailed in (less than 5%, in fact!). Then, weeks pass and the consumer receives either a check or a rejection notice (or no notice at all!). By the time the rebate check is due, most people have either forgotten about the purchase altogether or have lost track of the relevant contact information and have no way to follow up. Literally, millions of dollars remain unclaimed each year!”

The most important thing to remember with rebates is to stay organized and mail them in.

Here are a few steps to help you:

  • Purchase the rebate eligible item separately. If you have other items on the same receipt and mail it in but end up needing it for a return or something else, you won’t have it.
  • Complete the rebate form as soon as you get home and put it in the mail right away.
  • Make a copy of the rebate form and receipt so if there are issues later, you have a copy. You can also use a rebate tracker to keep track of the rebates you submitted and when to expect it in the mail.
  • If you can’t complete the form and mail right away, have a place and time where you complete all your rebates.
  • Use your rebate to purchase items where you will get another rebate to lower your out of pocket cost.

I, honestly, do not do much with paper rebates – except at Menard’s. If you are a big rebate shopper, will you share your experiences with us? Are there any other tips you have?

In addition to the traditional rebates, there are online programs or apps that also offer cash back – Ibotta, Checkout 51, Shopmium, SavingStar, MobiSave, Shrink (use referral code ECEHVM for 1,000 Shrink points), and Shopkick.

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