6 Ft Great Plains Teepee ($129.50 value!) by JM Cremp’s – Back to School Giveaway

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JM Cremp’s is a one stop shop for your young boy. This site specializes in supplying the perfect products to help create the adventures boys love. They carry everything from military surplus items for your little action hero to coin collecting kits for the next banker on Wall Street.
JM Cremp’s provided the Bargain Network with a 6 Ft Great Plains Teepee ($129.50 value!) to giveaway to one lucky winner! This Teepee is modeled after real Indian Teepees, and comes ready for the young artist to decorate and paint to his heart’s desire with water or latex-based paint.
• Indoor – Outdoor play
• Durable water repellant and fire resistant cotton canvas
• Easy to setup
• Easy to decorate with any water or latex based paint
• Ages 3+
• Dimensions: 6ft H x 5ft W
• Complies to US ToySafety Standards

To Win it:

*Mandatory entry: Visit JM Cremp’s, browse around, come back and leave a post telling me what your favorite item is. There are also lots of other great entry methods. Enter with the widget below.

Thank you Carolina Couponer for acquiring this awesome giveaway!

Thank you Carolina Couponer for acquiring this awesome giveaway!

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  1. sheri street says:

    i love the teepee

  2. Mary Smith says:

    My favorite is the Army uniform top and bottoms, my son would be able to dress up like Daddy 🙂

  3. paula skeans says:

    I LOVE the teepee also think the spring swing is really neat.

  4. darlene miller says:

    i like the aluminum folding cot.

  5. Cyndi Maynard says:

    My favorite is the Spy Science Secret Message Kit….I LOVED to play spy when I was a kid!!

  6. darlene miller says:

    hey where is the widget?

  7. JoDee Adney says:

    OMG they have a lot of stuff. My boys really liked the ammo box and hammock, but I think the tee pee is by far my favorite. Thanks!!!

  8. Tiffiny Palm says:

    All 3 of my kids would love the tepee. I love it!

  9. Star Lietz says:

    There are so many great things! My son would love the Citrus Scooter, my nephews would love the Jr Metal Detector. All of them would love the teepee though! How fun to put in the backyard and have a campfire!

  10. I LOVE the night goggles ( and the teepee of course), what a great gift for my nephew that just turned 6 yesterday!!!!


  11. April Fisher says:

    Magellan eXplorist 510. how cool is this it has a camera and a mic and speaker so you can record your exploring. But the teepee is the best:)

  12. JoDee Adney says:

    I liked jm kremps on Facebook!! Awesome site. I have 2 boys and will be visiting this site for future gifts. Thanks!!

  13. Donna McKay says:

    What fun…. i am a kindergarten teacher and would love to have that in my room while teaching my Thanksgiving Unit!!

  14. Colleen H. says:

    The spy gear is great!

  15. Peggy Ramsden says:

    Space Station Tent with 4 Tunnels

  16. Brendon Furniss says:

    The teepee is awesome. I could see my little man having lots of fun with it!

  17. That whole Cowboy and Western Adventure section is full of great things my nephew would love….that deputy sheriff buckle in particular caught my eye….the teepee is pretty darn nice too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. KeLly Deal says:

    OMG I love it all and will be doing some Christmas shopping thru you for sure!! My son would love the TP and it’d go great with my moms primitive decorating. But I love the western stuff, clothes and the Citrus scooter. My dad just made one with my 7 yr old out of an old pepsi crate, set of old key skates and couple of boards! They had fun making it and Jacob has fun playing on it. I’m so excited to have found your site!!!

  19. Wow I love that they had the military stuff and the GI hamelts for boys. so know they can be like one of their heroes that they look up to in our services. I would have love to have that stuff when I was a kid even though I am a girl. But all kids dream to be like that some point in their childhood. I know were i will be doing some christmas shopping

  20. shawnelle says:

    I like the hammock, my daughter likes the spy gear. She said she could be an indian spy with the TP.

  21. JoDee Adney says:

    How do we get the extra entries??

  22. Mary Kitchings says:

    I teach Kindergarten and I absolutely love the tepee! My other favorite item is the Knight dress-up outfit. We are the Creekside Knights at our school. We promote how to model outstanding character traits. This would be cool to have for our Creekside knights to wear and to shine bright when they display those character traits and do what is right.

  23. Kelli Wood says:

    The tepee!!!! omg! my son wants one so bad and this is better than any one i could even attempt to make! this would be great for him! he would LOVE it!!

  24. Love all the military items! Especially the Military Surplus tent!

  25. Theresa says:

    My kids would love the teepee!!!

  26. Velvet Bennett says:

    My boys loved everything! Being boy scouts, these items are right up their alley! My fave was the teepee though:)

  27. I like the camping and army items! My son would love any items from JM Cremps.

  28. Kyle Chipman says:

    I enjoyed the scouts outdoor cookbook and as a man I must get the cammo duct tape!!!

  29. Tatyana Mironyuk says:

    Love child carrier, and mooncamp chair for kids

  30. Mary Beth says:

    Oh my! soooo much stuff. My kids really liked , well they like darn near everything! me myself, I like the tee pee!!. Thank you for this!!

  31. Taucha Daniels says:

    I actually like most of the items but the most eye catching for my little nephews were the Stomp Rocket Ultra. They’re always trying to come up with ways to send things into space

  32. I love the grasshopper wagon!

  33. Heather Franco says:

    my favorite item is the Space Station Tent with 4 Tunnels! I have four children, 3 girls and 1 boy and they would play in this all day and night!! It even looks like a space station will all the decoration on it…..love it!

  34. Heather Franco says:

    The widget for other entries doesn’t come up

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