Beans & Sparks Kids Book Club – Get Your First Book FREE!

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One thing I loved when my daughter was younger were the book clubs we joined. They were great ways to get books at discounted prices and to try out titles we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s why I’m loving the Beans & Sparks Kids Book Club and wish it had been around when my daughter was younger! Check out the other Freebies we’ve posted, too.

Beans & Sparks Kids Book Club

This book club is so neat because your child is the super hero, and you can personalize the drawing to look like your child. And, your first book FREE when you sign up for the monthly subscription that renews at $19.99 a month! You’ll just pay $3.99 for shipping & handling.

Just choose gender, hair color, eye color, and freckles and glasses options to completely personalize your book for your kiddo. They will get such a kick out of seeing themselves and their names in the story!

Every month, you’ll get a new book with your child as the hero for just $19.99. And, you can add another child for half price – only $9.99!

And, a new book was just released! In What Makes Hippos Fly? a cold and rainy day turns into an imaginative adventure. For young children, communication and language development is important and this story encourages them to express themselves.

As the story unfolds we see boredom fostering creativity, with the child envisioning an exciting high-flying drama through their binoculars. Using their imagination helps children to experiment and try new ways of doing things, and this boosts critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

This story from the beans & sparks collection encourages children to explore, observe and talk about the many sounds of the jungle. The verbal expression of these new and interesting noises encourages early language development. The playful rhyming style of the story helps children to learn about forming and pairing different words and sounds.

Their books are structured using themes from the EASY framework – Emotions, Adventure, Science and creativity. The Cricket Trills, Chirp! Chirp! will spark your child’s curiosity of the natural world and help to promote the wonders of science-based subjects at an early age.

Don’t miss out on getting your first book FREE from the Beans & Sparks Club!

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