Coupon Overage Strategies at Walmart

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coupon overage strategies at walmart

Coupon Overage Strategies at Walmart

If you are a Walmart shopper, this post is for you! We’re talking about coupon overage strategies! My favorite line of Walmart’s coupon policy is: “If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.” This is HUGE for those of us that coupon and this post will give you three coupon overage strategies for shopping at Walmart.

I would imagine that most people use the “excess” or overage towards the rest of their shopping. If you do, do you have a game plan for how to use that overage? Here are three strategies for you:

  1. Purchase items that never go on sale
  2. Purchase items there are never coupons for
  3. Purchase items that have a higher out of pocket price (ie: coffee)

These are just a few ideas of items that never or rarely go on sale or have coupons:

  • milk
  • fresh fruits and veggies
  • walmart brand black bean and corn salsa (my favorite salsa)
  • toilet paper if my stockpile is low
  • dry beans and legumes (bean soup mix, lentils, green peas, ect)
  • classico pesto (I have never seen a coupon for the pesto)
  • sabra hummus (Walmart has the lowest price on this)
  • fish (real fish not the nasty fish sticks)
  • specialty items (such as this particular Thai peanut sauce I love and have never seen a coupon)

So, how do you use your overage? Do you get cash back or do you usually apply it to the rest of your purchase? 

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  1. Nelishia says:

    I was told at my WM that they don't do overages. Am I missing something? I am new to couponing. I used 20 Millstone Coffee coupons last month for 2/1. They were 1.64 each at WM. They told me then that they didn't do overages and I pay the taxes. Of course on that. I did get them for free though. Thanks for any help.

  2. According to their new policy you are entitled to the face value of that coupon so in your case you should have received $0.36 for every coffee you purchased. I highly recommend printing off the coupon policy and taking it with you any time you shop Walmart. I have only encountered 2 cashiers that were aware of the new change. All of the others had to call a manager and one cashier was even throwing a fit after the manager walked away telling me it was BS and she didn't see how it was even right for me to get free groceries. Sometimes you have to be tough skinned and have a backbone but the overage can be well worth the hassle. Here is their new policy that clearly states you being entitled to your overage if you look to the right on this page they have a PDF that you can print and take with you.

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