Get the FREE Favado Grocery App & Compare Prices for over 65,000 Locations Nationwide!

If you’re looking for an easy way to see what the best deals are each week, then you’ll definitely want to download Favado!  Favado is an app you load on your SmartPhone to allow you to see the coupon matchups from stores in your area, and customize it depending on what you want to see. [Read more]

Sign Up for FedEx Delivery Manager – It’s FREE & Gives You Control Over Your Deliveries!

If you shop online at all, make sure you sign up for FedEx’s Delivery Manager. Once you sign up, you will receive notifications when your shipments have been delivered.   The best part is that you can can reschedule your deliveries or have packages rerouted if you’re out on a play date or at work and [Read more] Changes – How to Get Zip Code Specific Coupons With New Layout

coupon changes 1

Many of you may have noticed that has made some changes to their layout and the zip code box is no longer there. It has not disappeared but is just hidden now. Here are the steps you need to take to get zip specific coupons now.: 1. Click the Local Coupons tab on the top. 2. [Read more]

Decoding Target Coupons – Are they store coupons or manufacturer’s?

MQ coupon

Target is one of my favorite stores to shop because of their great prices, good quality and most of all because they offer Target Store coupons you can print right from their and you can stack with the manufacturer’s coupons for even more savings! Not all of the coupons on their site are Target coupons. You [Read more]

Tips on Saving Money When Buying Organic Products


Guest post by Heather of Because More is More. Heather blogs about coupons, organic coupons and deals. Be sure to check out her page. Tips on Saving Money When Buying Organic Products When I started buying organic & eco friendly products about 7 years ago, trust me…my household expenses went up. However, I really didn’t give [Read more]

Top 13 Ways to Save Money with Coupons

savings ahead

Here are the top 13 ways to save money with coupons! 1) Match Coupons with Weekly Sales. Always use coupons on items you need/use when they go on sale to double up on savings. Watch the grocery ads for weekly sales and look for store coupon matchups on my site and others. When items are [Read more]

Tuesday’s Coupon Tips – Request for Coupon to Be Mailed

coupon help

Have you ever gone to print a coupon and you have ran out of ink or are having some other epic computer failure and you can’t get it to print. Did you know that you can actually request for the coupon to be mailed to you if it is a bricks coupon? I think many [Read more]

Tuesdays Coupon Tips – No Alcohol Purchase Required!

wine w hangtag

Here is a HOT tip for you today. In many states if you have a coupon for say “Buy 1 bottle of Jack Daniels – Get a 2 liter of Coke for FREE”, you do not have to purchase the alcohol in-order to get that 2 liter of Coke for FREE! Yup, you heard me [Read more]

Walmart Overage Strategies

coupon overage strategies at walmart

I am just loving Walmart’s new coupon policy. I have been rolling in overage with my similac and cat food coupons in particular. I sat down and got my game plan around for stock up items to purchase with my overage. You can actually get cash back if you want, but I would rather just [Read more]

Master Stockpiling Tips and Tricks

prego-barilla pasta sauce

Here are a few stockpiling tips and tricks for you to get started on a stockpile! In order to do really well at stockpiling you will need to purchase the brand that is on sale that matches with your coupons. This means that you may need to “try” new brands in order to get in [Read more]