DIY Farmhouse Shelf – Bathroom Update!

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DIY Farmhouse Shelf – Bathroom Update!

We updated our bathroom this weekend and made a DIY Farmhouse Shelf! It’s both modern and functional which is just what I have been wanting. Plus, it cost me less than $20 after selling a couple bathroom decor and storage items that we no longer need since we have the shelves.

Last year, we went through a major renovation on the main floor of our house. It was desperately needed although we the project got a little bigger than we originally planned.

Let me back up a little bit…

We built our house in 2004 as a married couple in our late 20s with no kids. It was a 4-bedroom house with a formal living room and dining room. It was great. We had plenty of space to host my family when they came to visit or friends from out of town.

Fast forward 14 years, a dog, and two kiddos later, you can imagine what our cream carpet and hardwood floors looked like. It was time for an update, and we had been dreaming about taking out the wall between our kitchen and dining room for years. If we were going to be replacing flooring, this was the time to do it.

So, we did!

That led to new kitchen cabinets, countertops, baseboards and paint throughout, and a new large kitchen window and sliding glass door.

Our half bathroom was the only room that didn’t get new paint. I have been wanting to re-decorate this room for a while but just never found something I loved.

Last week, I found this set of 4 Rustic Pipe Decor Industrial Shelf Brackets and knew it would be perfect to make my own shelves. They were on my porch when we got home from church yesterday so my husband and I looked around our garage and basement for something make the shelves. We found a piece of MDF board that my husband cut to make the two shelves!

I couldn’t decide what color to make the shelves – white or a wood tone – so I took it to Facebook. Ultimately, we decided on white since we also found left over white ceiling paint in the basement.

This was definitely not on my husband’s list of things to do yesterday, but he did it all! He put the shelves up and painted them for me. Yes, he won some major brownie points!

I am actually pretty terrible at decorating because I much prefer functionality and less things to dust around. But, I think this turned out pretty well! The plant came from a purchase off Facebook Marketplace and the super cute “Hello Sweet Cheeks” sign came from Jane!

Plus, by using the shelves for tissues and toilet paper, that meant I could sell our free standing toilet paper storage and the picture that I had on the wall. I’ve put both on the Facebook Marketplace and already sold one which means this update cost under $20!

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