Tuesday’s Coupon Tips – Request for Coupon to Be Mailed

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Have you ever gone to print a coupon and you have ran out of ink or are having some other epic computer failure and you can’t get it to print. Did you know that you can actually request for the coupon to be mailed to you if it is a bricks coupon? I think many people don’t know this so I figured this would be a great Tuesday’s Coupon Tip. If you look in the picture above you will see the little help icon. If you go there it will take you to a place where you can request to have the coupon mailed to you. Also, fill the form out twice so you get 2 of the coupons mailed to you. Surprisingly the coupons actually come pretty fast in the mail too.

Every now and then if you click the help icon it just takes you to the printing help menu. If that happens that means that the coupon is not being offered as a mail option. I have no idea why some aren’t offered as a mail option but it does happen sometimes. Remember, this is only for bricks coupons but luckily the majority of printable coupons offered are bricks!

Thanks ShoppingTipsandTricks and CouponCrazyAndFreebieFanatic for this pic!

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  1. very cool, I never go to the online coupons because I have an older printer and the ink for it is super expensive!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I never knew this!

  3. love hat i can’t print so that is great

  4. love that i can’t print so that is great

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