4 Steps to Start Couponing and Saving!

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4 Steps to Start Couponing and Saving4 Steps to Start Couponing and Saving!

You want to get started couponing and saving money at the grocery store, but you just don’t know where to start, right? I’m giving you 4 Steps to Start Couponing and Saving as well as links to some extra posts that you may find helpful.

First, pick ONE store and learn it! It’s easy to get excited and want to jump in and run around to a bunch of stores saving the most money possible. But, that’s just overwhelming and confusing. That’s why I say to pick one store you want to shop at where you think you can save a good deal of money and start there. Over time, you can shop at multiple stores (if you want) and learn more. So, pick one and learn everything there is to know about that store – their coupon policy, their sales cycle, the different ways to save, etc. Check out my Target 101, CVS 101Walgreens 101, Kroger 101 and Meijer 101 posts.

Next, pay attention to the prices you are currently paying for items you regularly purchase. Some people do this with a notebook, others just do it in their head. Once you start paying attention to the prices, it will help you determine what your “buy” or “stockpile” price is since it may be different than mine (prices vary across the US). A “buy” price is the price a product needs to be before I would buy it. A “stockpile” price is the price a product needs to be for me to buy multiples to add to my stockpile (AT LEAST 50% off). Keep in mind that if you are loyal to one brand, your “buy” price or “stockpile” price may vary greatly. You can read more about my view on brand loyalty and couponing here.

Once you know the store policies and what you are currently paying, you need to be collecting and organizing your coupons!

Finally, get shopping! The best way to get “good” at couponing so you can save the most money and spend the least amount of time on it is to just get started! Everyone has their own way of doing things. Just get started. I’m sure you will change your process a couple times just like I have!

Use BecomeACouponQueen.com to find the best deals for Aldi, CostcoCVS, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Kroger, Meijer, Sam’s Club, Schnucks, Target, The Fresh Market, and Walgreens on my site each week. In addition to these lists, I post 20-30 additional deals every day for these stores as they are found (when new coupons come out, or we find unadvertised deals).

Here are some additional posts you may find valuable as you begin couponing:

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  1. Thamar herbin says

    I have teens an adult daughter married and just found out I’m going to be a grandma I am disabled and we share a home have to stay in budget, please help!

  2. we are a family of 4. My husband is disabled now so we went from a 2 income to just his disability income. I am not able to get a job since I have to stay home and take care of him. Our 2 kids do work but it is only part time jobs so they don’t make much. They help out as much as they can. We have to stay on a very tight budget since once all the bills are paid we have very little to live on for the month. Can you please HELP me! I used to coupon a lot at Krogers and I would do really well there. My bill before coupons would be about $100 but I would come out paying around $25. Since we moved we no longer have a krogers and I am having to go to stores that cost a little bit more than what I was used to. I beg you to PLEASE HELP ME!!

  3. Sue Martin says

    I live in an area where it’s not easy to get free things but thank God for CVS! I.think it’s the easiest place for new couponers to make money & get good deals.

  4. We live in loveland -fort Collins Colorado. Would like to start extreme couponing but can’t find a store that will allow it. Any suggestions?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “can’t find a store that will allow it”. If you become familiar with the store’s coupon policy and sales, you should be able to find significant savings. Where are you shopping?

  5. I got some good deals yesterday

  6. In a tight financial situation here and need to really start saving money on groceries while eating healthy. We generally use Aldi’s, Wal-Mart and Dollar General. Any and all suggestions/help is appreciated.

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